The Second Invitational~”The Love 😻 / Hate 😼 Blogger Challenge”!!

All things bright and beautiful….I received my second invitation to the L/H Challenge by the enthusiastic author of who is not only quite personable, but has interesting stories to share. It’s worth your time.
These are ten (10) things that I love: 😻
I love perusing through antique shops.

I love the smell of old hard cover books.

I love heirloom cameo brooches.

I love hand-painted Quimper porridge bowls form France.

I love taking time to catch up on long distance relationships.

I love to giggle and laugh with my husband in the kitchen.

I love to break open the sand dollar to release the five white doves inside.

I love the symbolism of the fleur-de-lis: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

I love to hear the chiming of a grandfather clock.

I love that homemade potato soup is one of my comfort foods.

These are ten (10) things that I hate: 😼
I hate dull scissors when I’m in a hurry.

I hate to get a broken nail right after a manicure.

I hate it when I tear a contact lens.

I hate to see people with too much carry-on luggage. Check it!!

I hate to see underpaid and unappreciated employees.

I hate it when parents leave an atrocious mess from their kids in a restaurant and then expect the waitress to clean it up.

I hate it when people think it’s okay for their dog to poop in other people’s yards.

I hate the sound of a bird hitting the window.

I hate to parallel park my car.

I hate to see road rage.

Now that the two lists are complete, I submit to you the ten (10) nominees for the next round of “The Love 😻 / Hate 😼 Blogger Challenge”:
Congratulations and enjoy the challenge!


11 thoughts on “The Second Invitational~”The Love 😻 / Hate 😼 Blogger Challenge”!!

  1. Hey, thank you very much for nominating me, I really appreciate, but since its first time, i would like to know more about Idea, I understand i should write 10 love and hate things about me, but what more? btw I loved your love/hate list! 🙂

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