What Time is Dinner? 🍴🍴🍴 “Sisterhood of the World” Award

What time is Dinner? I adore food blogs, so when a friend who shares my love of food nominates me for a blogging award…..I just want to celebrate by Eating Ice Cream!! 🍦Thank you, Kat, for nominating me. Her step-by-step photos make everyone feel like a gourmet chef. Check out her blog at   http://hunggrytummy.wordpress.com
The Rules:

Thank the blogger who nominated you, including a link back to their site.

Put the award logo on your blog.

Answer the ten questions the blogger has sent you.

Create ten new questions for your nominee to answer.

Nominate up to ten people of your own and notify them.
Questions asked of me:

(1) How many children do you see yourself with? πŸ“ My husband and I together have five.

(2) What’s your favorite food? πŸ“ Popcorn.

(3) What’s the current song stuck in your head? πŸ“ Ed Sheeran, “Thinking Out Loud”.

(4) If you were to be stuck in an island… what’s one thing you’d bring?πŸ“ Sunscreen.

(5) If you were to be stuck in an island… who would you like to get stuck with? πŸ“ My husband, Gerald. (He’s also an engineer.)

(6) Hot weather or cold weather? πŸ“ Hot weather.

(7) Your make-up must have? πŸ“ Blush.

(8) What weird obsession do you have? πŸ“ No dirty dishes.

(9) What are you currently reading and how do you feel about it? πŸ“ Bible Study, the books of 1, 2, and 3 John. A thought-provoking journey of self discovery.

(10) Your ultimate dream? πŸ“ To publish a cookbook.
Questions for my Nominees:

(1) Do you like to cook?

(2) Would you rather use organic ingredients or packaged ingredients?

(3) Which do you prefer: A candlelight dinner for two OR Dining alone while watching TV?

(4) Would you rather host a dinner party OR be a guest at a dinner party?

(5) Do you snack while preparing a meal?

(6) Would you rather use porcelain dishes or paper plates?

(7) Do you think it’s silly to use cloth napkins every day at home?

(8) Are you of the opinion fresh flowers are a waste of money?

(9) When you eat out, do you usually want a taste of your partner’s food?

(10) what is your favorite dessert?
My Nominees:


Be Bold, Be Creative, Be Hungry!

Gail.    http://snapshotsincursive.com

21 thoughts on “What Time is Dinner? 🍴🍴🍴 “Sisterhood of the World” Award

  1. I am not sure what happened to my comment to you. Now I am a little late to tell you Thank You for nominating me for this lovely Sisterhood Award.
    Congratulations, Gail. This is such a great blog and you deserve this award . I will post an award nomination acceptance post over the weekend. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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