DIY? OF COURSE! 🎨 “The Creative Blogger Award!” ðŸŽ¨

I love the idea that creativity takes so many forms. It is boundless in nature. Some people cook, some paint, some write, some photograph. My friend, Sumana, seems to do it all. She could have invented the meaning of DIY. Her creative nature will capture your heart. The name of her blog says it all. Please drop by and introduce yourself. You’ll be intrigued to stay awhile.

It is with thanks and adoration I acknowledge “The Creative Blogger Award”.

So here are the rules of the Award:
1) Nominate blogs and notify the nominees.

2) Mention the link of the blog/blogger who nominated you.

3) Share five random facts about yourself.
Five random facts about myself:
1) I truly enjoy creating delicious foods in Gail’s Kitchen. 🍓

2) I am a hopeful romantic and enjoy providing food for others. 🍓

3) I feel as though I am “Living the Dream”. 🍓
4) My husband brings out the best in me. I adore him. 🍓
5) I enjoy traveling to new places where I embrace the history, culture, traditions, and life of those who live there. 🍓
My nominees are:

Congratulations To All These Creative Bloggers!


Eating My Way Through the Alphabet; Letter W

What’s Cooking in Gail’s Kitchen? The Daily Special: Wayward Wedge Salad! I get so excited when I come across bleu cheese at the Farmers Market! Recently, I was fortunate enough to lay my hands on a nice creamy chunk of Amish Bleu Cheese. And rather than nibble the entire portion away, I thought I better do something healthy with it. Does anyone else struggle with an internal tug-of war?

1 head iceberg lettuce

6 slices bacon, precooked

2 eggs, hard cooked and chopped

Blue cheese crumbles

Blue cheese dressing

2 Campari tomatoes on the vine, quartered

Chill 4 salad plates in refrigerator. Cook bacon until crisp; let cool and crumble. Set aside. Quarter and core lettuce. Place one wedge on each chilled plate. Top with dressing, bacon, tomatoes, and chopped egg. Garnish with cheese crumbles. Serve immediately.