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Hello. I’m Gail Dorna. I write because I am intrigued by the conversations I have with others.  I strive for a deeper understanding unhindered by a watchful eye.  My photographs are often viewed through the lens of a romantic dreamer and one who sees a wealth of mystery beyond the imagery.  Although I have lived in many places and visited countless others, I cherish every new experience leisurely gleaned along the way.  I currently live in a quiet community nestled around natural preserves on the Gulf of Mexico in south west Florida with my devoted husband, Gerald.

334 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Hi Gail,
    Happy new year.
    Nice to meet you here from, what is yet, a mild winter in U.K. Living near a stream sounds awesome.
    I have been blogging now since November 2017 and hence my blog is still evolving.
    I am becoming more interested in photography and more recently have really enjoyed taking photographs in the park near my home which landscape depicts the changing seasons.

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  2. Hi Gail, as someone who’s often visited you site and got turned on by your recipes and food photography – even if I may not tried them all myself – I just thought I’d tell you you have a wonderful blog!
    And as a leave behind smiley, may I share two verses of my own?



    You have a lovely day, cheers!

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  3. Hey Gail my name is Tyra and for my journalism like class I’m supposed to be picking a blog similar to mine for a class assignment and I checked out your blog and it is fantastic and stands out so well for my project I am supposed to be co hosting/ writing my blog with someone else out there in the wordpress world and I need your food talent, take all the time you need for your answer but, I would like to in the future to be having your work mixed with mine and to see my site it is called in all caps TYRA FLEMING’S DAILY BLOG ABOUT BEGINNER FOODS . Thank you for your time.


  4. Hi Gail,
    For the past couple of weeks we’ve been writing about how we’re simplifying our life – and we invited you to share your thoughts on the subject. The response was wonderful! Thanks so much.

    We loved reading your real-life experiences and have included them in our next post with a shout out to you and link to your blog. It will be published next Monday, July 29.

    Thanks again. You made our day!
    Terri & James @ gallivance.net

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  5. Hi Gail! I just wanted to say thank you for supporting my blog. I remember your kind comments on several of my recipes – it was so uplifting and really made my day. I appreciate you taking the time out to comment and check out my blog it was so encouraging! Today is the last day for my blog but I would love to continue to check out your amazing posts 🙂


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  6. Hi, Gail! As I’ve said at least a few times, I love your photographs!

    I’m an idiot and couldn’t find a way to PM you. I mentioned your deviled eggs to a poster, who was like, “I don’t know who Gail is.” All good if I include a link in that conversation to your home page?

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  7. Hi Gail, just a short note to say how much I’m enjoying your posts here. Your recipes are amazing, like your photos, which tells me that you are an amazing person too! I am not the cook in our home, my wife is, but she dislikes computers, so I tell her about your recipes and she loves them too! Here’s hoping you are well away from the fires and the storms that seem to be affecting the USA. Keep well and stay safe. Have a great weekend 😋 💕

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