Romantic Hideaway or Artist’ Retreat 

Romantic Hideaway or Artist’ Retreat? Deep in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, nestled along the cerulean banks of Bow Lake, sits a rustic log cabin and stone lodge where cell phones have ceased functioning and television sets have gone missing. Travelers and tourists seek refuge at the red-roofed Num-ti-jah Lodge when the urge arises to “get away from it all”. (The staff has access to internet and phones in case of an emergency.) Step outside the front door to a glacier backdrop that captivates the inner poet and the novice photographer as well as the unbridled passions of writers, artists, or sculptors. But don’t stop there. Fishermen wile away the hours from dawn to dusk before returning to a warm fire. Hikers explore foot trails across the lake for a vantage point that spots the red roof as a way back home at the end of the day. Enliven the senses and embrace Alberta, Canada.