Visit Boston’s Theater District 

Boston’s Theater District Brings Entertainment Up Close and Personal!  If you appreciate any form of live entertainment, you can find it in Boston’s Theater District. The architecture alone is a marvel. Notice Greek Revival and Spanish Baroque-style as well as Italianate designs. One can almost get a crook in the neck from gazing upward at historical landmarks along Tremont and Washington Street. Around every corner is an opportunity to experience talent at its best. Marquees boast exclusive shows in addition to old favorites. Comedy shows? Absolutely. Broadway musicals? Of course. Opera? Indubitably. Dance? Without exception. When the mood strikes, take a walk in thriving downtown Boston. The choices for outstanding theater are endless. 

Boston’s Public Garden Charms Everyone

Young and old alike may be drawn to Boston’s Public Garden for a treasured Swan Boat ride experience or to simply stroll along the breathtaking pathways to gaze at the ornamental landscape in awe. Bronze figures and animated statues add to its allure. Have you seen the infamous Duckling Sculpture of mama duck with eight baby ducklings trailing behind in military formation? Its story dates back to 1941. The evening we were drawn to the Public Garden, it became the perfect backdrop for high school prom attendees. The air was alive with lighthearted laughter, captivating dialogue, good-humored fun, and romantic love stories. We walked hand-in-hand crossing the beautiful arched bridge as the evening shadows cast a warm golden glow over the village green. Well done, Boston!

Dining Outside the Home: Florentine Café of Little Italy in Boston, Massachusetts 

Dining Outside the Home: Florentine Café of Little Italy in Boston, Massachusetts! At first glance, wide open windows catch the attention of passersby. Each one is bordered with overflowing flower boxes that cascade beyond wrought-iron grillwork. Echoes of laughter and the clink of glasses mingle from within. This touch of ambience sets the stage for Old World charm and succulent homemade pastas in Little Italy. Warm crusty bread suddenly appears at the table with herbed olive oil before the specialties of the day are shared. As you rake your eyes across the menu, that inner voice promises to start another diet…tomorrow. 

Dining Outside the Home: W Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts 

Dining Outside the Home: W Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts! For an upscale lounge experience filled with modern decor, electrifying colors, heightened entertainment, and effervescent spirits, this chic barroom located on the corner of a busy intersection makes it a perfect spot for leisurely socializing. Grab a table for two after a day of walking The Freedom Trail and kick back for a refreshingly cool cocktail. Whether you choose a Hennessy cucumber-lime concoction or a D’usse elderflower-lemon spritzer, the W Boston completes the adventure. 

Cheers in Boston, Massachusetts “Where Everyone Knows Your Name”

Cheers in Boston, Massachusetts “Where Everybody Knows Your Name”.  Located at the edge of the Public Gardens, on Beacon Hill, is a popular watering hole-turned-landmark in Boston. The friendly neighborhood bar attracts visitors from all walks of life. Could it be the fact that for over a decade the sitcom catapulted this local pub into the mainstream? Week after week its down-to-earth cast of characters brought light hearted laughter into our own living rooms. No wonder others still gravitate to this local hangout. You should, too, the next time you’re in Boston, Massachusetts. Cheers. 

When Life Gives You Lemons, Drink Lemoncello 

As many of you are aware, my husband and I recently travelled to Boston, Massachusetts. Our visit there enveloped us in historical harmony and direct presence with local residents who live and work there every day. Because the outreach of friendship and good will impacted us as such a positive experience, I felt compelled to share one of those delightful encounters. 
One afternoon as we strolled along the cobblestone streets of Little Italy, passing eye-catching windows adorned with overflowing flower boxes, the distant music and savory scents transported us to an Old World country rich in charm, spirit, and passion. Over the threshold, featuring Tuscan-style architecture, we entered a casually elegant corner specialty shop. Taste the “Dreams of Sorrento” was the personal invitation we received inside from Jeff Cirace, an established pillar in the community.* His masterpiece, Sorrento Lemoncello, is an extraordinarily distinguished lemon liqueur. It tells a story all its own. It brings the romance of Italy to your very own home. (And who doesn’t love romance?) The exceptional quality of organic lemons grown on the hillside of the Amalfi Coast is the secret to its intense aroma and exquisite citrus flavor. Not only were we intrigued and fascinated by our conversation with Jeff, but his personal attention to detail had us spellbound. We had to get some of this Lemoncello! And, without regrets, we ordered a gift basket. I look forward to sharing recipes with you that are enhanced by this fabulous flavor. Stay tuned…
*V. Cirace & Son is a family-owned business continuing the tradition of selling fine wine and spirits since 1906 in Boston’s vibrant historic North End of Little Italy.

Follow the Boston Freedom Trail

Everyone should experience this once in their lifetime. The Freedom Trail traces the footsteps of United States history beginning with the American Revolution. The red-lined route can be followed at a pace you set for yourself leaving plenty of time for stops along the way. Paul Revere’s House. The site of the Boston Massacre. Bunker Hill Monument. Old North Church. The 2.5 mile walk is “visitor-friendly” and filled with landmarks. Do it your way. But do it.