Luke Bryan’s 32 Bridge in Nashville, Tennessee

Dining Outside the Home: Luke Bryan’s 32 Bridge in Nashville, Tennessee! Check out this popular watering hole named after a bridge that goes over the Flint River and holds special memories for Luke Bryan. As you stroll along iconic Broadway street in Music City, step through these doors where everyone becomes a friend and sunny optimism is a darn fine quality. Raise your glass to live music when single artists and talented bands give their all. Hungry for an afternoon bite? Lukes’s Elk Burger satisfies those pangs with ground elk, red dragon cheese, garlic aioli, pickle, and tomato. It’s mouth-watering goodness in every bite. From starters to sushi, steaks to dessert, Luke’s 32 Bridge has it all.

S and P Oyster Restaurant and Bar in Mystic, Connecticut

Dining Outside the Home: S&P Oyster Restaurant and Bar in Mystic, Connecticut! Pull up a chair at a table for two overlooking life on the Mystic River. This waterfront restaurant checks all the boxes. Outdoor seating, check. Fresh seafood, check. Cozy atmosphere, check check. Sample a bowl of New England Clam Chowder. It’s rich creamy base will make you swoon. There’s enough to share. Leave room for their famous Lobster Roll. It’s stuffed with sweet lobster tail and hand-picked claw meat. The savory mayonnaise sauce has been infused with South American flair. You’ve probably never tasted anything like it. Sit back, mingle, nibble, and keep your eye on the Bascule Bridge. During daylight hours, it raises at 40 minutes past the hour or on demand.

Peace Bridge is Pedestrian Landmark in Calgary, Canada 

Peace Bridge is Pedestrian Landmark in Calgary, Canada! Spanning the Bow River, the Peace Bridge connects commuters on foot or bicycling to downtown Calgary. But that’s not what makes it unusual. Arched steel and tubular girders make this unique footbridge an architectural marvel. The atypical red and white design represents the colors of the Canadian flag as well as the flag of Calgary. The protective glass roof and nighttime illumination offer safety from the elements. In an effort to minimize the ecological footprint, the height is restricted and piers are nonexistent. At first glance, one could easily mistaken the bridge for a commuter train or a giant novelty toy known as the Chinese finger trap. I prefer to describe its sleek design as a glimpse into the future. Without a doubt, it is a “must see” when visiting Calgary, Canada.