Experience the Charm of Island-Style Living

For island-style charm, on the historic Royal Coconut Coast, the oceanfront sunrise is unbelievable. As the dawn turns from azure-blue-grey to the golden cerulean seagreen of clear Pacific waters, the pull of the ocean practically lures you over the balcony to become one with the sea. Across the only road that runs north and south, like a horseshoe, on the island just beyond the lush valley is a view of the Sleeping Giant Mountain Range. The view can literally take your breath away. Old Kapaa Town is just a stone’s throw away. Walk the uncrowded shoreline, paying attention to the kite-surfing enthusiasts, or choose the paved Kauai Path for biking and daily exercise. Whatever the whim, the East Shore fits the bill. 

Lakefront Charm Meets Southern Hospitality 

Palm trees lined the middle of the boulevard waving their fronds in greeting. Spanish moss hangs in crimped curls from regal trees like Rapunzel’s braid let loose. The timeless beauty of the historical Lakeside Inn with its grande veranda is a rejuvenating respite from the fast-paced obligations of everyday Life. Picturesque? Yes, Ma’am.