Catch a Glimpse of Ancient Hawaiian Culture in Torch Lighting Ceremony 

The muscular native Kauaiian, dressed in traditional garb, slowly raised a scalloped conch shell to his lips as the audience at the Marriott Beach Resort held their breath in silent anticipation. A trumpet-like fanfare filled the air at the natural beachfront stage where ocean waves rushed to meet the sandy shore. An attractive female native, in a flowing Polynesian skirt, green leafy leis, and Kukui nut shell necklace, sat nearby on the grassy knoll. Gentle drum beats engaged melodic songs swaying the beautiful sinuous hula dancer to her feet. Rhythmic hip movements, accompanied by floating hand gestures, matched the drumming performance. Together they seemed to cast a magical flow that touched each heart. As the history unfolded, the contemporary hula dance of Kahiko (ancient) told a story that left an imprint on all who caught a glimpse of this exceptional dance form. 

Dining Outside the Home: Wild Bill’s Legendary Saloon in Banff, Canada 

Dining Outside the Home: Wild Bill’s Legendary Saloon in Banff, Canada! Climb the stairs to the second level for a wide-open Wild West experience complete with smokehouse menu, grizzly bear wi-fi, and mechanical bull. The windows are flung open wide to the alpine view beyond. If you’re lucky, you may snag a couple bar stools on the private balcony perched for people-watching on Main Street below. The chuck wagon sandwiches include fresh elk burgers and lean bison burgers. When you want to gather with friends, dance the night away, sing like you’re a country music star, Wild Bill’s Legendary Saloon offers night life that never sleeps.