Mel’s Diner in Bonita Springs, Florida

Dining Outside the Home: Mel’s Diner in Bonita Springs, Florida! Flashback to the 1950’s where American Bandstand was popular for the best rock and roll music. Car Shows meant shine-up-your-car and put-it-on-display in the local park. Drugstore soda fountains served thick chocolate milkshakes, tangy lime phosphates, and cherry syrup-flavored cokes. Fast forward to current day where nostalgia is still popular at Mel’s Diner, a food joint popular from the movie “American Graffiti”. The menu highlights several burger options, pot roast platters with mashed potatoes smothered in brown gravy, beef liver and caramelized onions, black angus meatloaf, fried chicken, or anything else you can imagine for a taste of the “good ole days”. When you’re in the mood for comfort food, stop by for a meal that is worth the cost.

Sam and Ethel’s Restaurant in Tipp City, Ohio

Dining Outside the Home: Sam and Ethel’s Restaurant in Tipp City, Ohio! If buildings could talk, this 1868 longtime shoe repair shop turned ice cream parlor turned breakfast diner could fill volumes. It’s always been about family service and preserving history in the community. Sam and Ethel’s serves old-fashioned comfort food at affordable prices. The cozy atmosphere provides small talk with staff members, regular customers, and first-time guests. There may be a line at the door, but be patient. Check out the decor. You’ll see hanging on the wall a framed newspaper article with a faded photo of longtime comedian and actor, Jonathan Winters. He actually dropped by for a meal at Sam and Ethel’s. See? It’s definitely worth the wait.

Dining Outside the Home: Joey’s Diner in Amherst, New Hampshire

Dining Outside the Home: Joey’s Diner in Amherst, New Hampshire! Cruise down the highway to a 1950’s-style diner where cherry cokes are the real deal, like soda fountains served in the past. Stroll by the long counter of bar stools, beyond the juke box where the atmosphere is casual and the decor is retro. Did you see the glass dessert case filled with homemade pies and cakes? Pull out a chair where the chrome is hip and the Formica tabletop is the cat’s pajamas. Joey’s Diner serves up meat loaf (like your Momma used to make), grilled burgers, crispy french fries, classic club sandwiches, and hand-blended milkshakes. Decisions, decisions. They’re open every day for three square meals. Check it out Daddy-O!