Bocca di Bacco in New York, New York

Dining Outside the Home: Bocca di Bacco Theater District in New York, New York! Pay attention when a waiter tells you where he goes for dinner when he’s off work. It’s usually one of those best-kept secrets. If you don’t have a reservation, no worries. Snag a seat at the bar. Bartenders are usually pretty friendly, you can linger over drinks, and when you’re ready for dinner…they happily accommodate. Bocca di Bacco in the Theater District is hip, trendy, popular, and within walking distance of a Manhattan hotel. You’ll realize that as soon as you cross the threshold of this neighborhood trattoria, people flock here for a cozy atmosphere. Distant laughter and glasses clinking are cause for celebration. If Italian small plates are more your style, prepare to be amazed. Not everything is pasta, but it is Italian, so sit back and inhale the aromas.

Toscana Cafe and Wine Bar in San Diego, California

Dining Outside the Home: Toscana Cafe and Wine Bar in San Diego, California. After a day of walking around downtown in the bustling Gaslamp District, rest your feet at a corner table where the music is soft and the romantic mood is perfect for sharing. This is Toscana Cafe and Wine Bar, an authentic Italian ristorante, which features amazing dishes like fresh burrata and beet salad, for starters. If you have yet to try burrata cheese, it is a semi-soft cheese that is formed into a pouch, then filled with soft curd and cream. Once it is sliced open, the luscious cream spills out. Act like this is no surprise to you, but try not to lick your fingers. That’s amore.

Be Wowed By a Broadway Musical 

It wouldn’t be a trip to New York City without experiencing, firsthand, a Broadway Musical. The list of choices seem endless with over 40 professional theaters to choose from between Manhattan’s Theater District and the Lincoln Center. However, if you know you will only be in the Big Apple a few days, it may be wise to secure your tickets beforehand, especially for cherished seats in the center section no further back than the 12th row. That worked for us at the Disney favorite, “The Lion King”. Not only were the costume transformations super-incredible, but the non-stop action all around us was captivating. Friends, this show is for all ages-from the young in years to the young in heart. After all, the main storyline follows the “Circle of Life”. Is it any wonder this Broadway musical production has been an award-winning best musical? But don’t take my word for it. See for yourself. The Disney classic comes to life before your eyes with Simba, Nala, Scar, and the unforgettable Zazu.