Surround Yourself With Water at Prince’s Island Park in Calgary, Canada

Surround Yourself with Water at Prince’s Island Park in Calgary, Canada! It has been dubbed an “Island of Dreams” slightly north of downtown Calgary, Canada. Its namesake is Peter Anthony Prince, founder of the Eau Claire Lumber Mill in 1886. What makes this Park so unusual, you ask? First of all, the island began when a channel was dug to transport logs from the Bow River to the sawmill. As the island naturally developed, it became more of a wetland habitat for Canadian geese, mallard ducks, small wildlife, and flocks of birds. Access is limited to only a few service vehicles making it an urban park for recreational hiking, leisurely picnics, energized pedestrians, festive celebrations, and environmental education. Flower gardens and water fountains enhance the lush greenery. Prince’s Island Park is easily accessible by three bridges making it convenient for adventure seekers. 

Palm Island Boardwalk Lives Up to its Name

A leisurely stroll on a winding boardwalk is perfect for daily exercise. One forgets about the 8-acre distance covered along the shoreline and through dense areas of native plants and trees simply because there is so much that catches the eye. Shaded pavilions offer the perfect stopping point to relax for a moment, soak up the view, or share a picnic. The solitude is therapeutic as well as the company of egrets, ducks, bullfrogs, and dragonflies. Well done, Mt. Dora!