BB King’s Blues Club in Nashville, Tennessee

Dining Outside the Home: BB King’s Blues Club in Nashville, Tennessee! Follow the rhythm through the double doors of BB King’s for a legendary adventure in soul music. Glance around the room. The art-filled walls create an ambiance endorsing the musical genre that originated in the Deep South. Listen to the toe-tapping chords strumming on the guitar. Is that a blend of country, jazz, blues, and classical? Better hang around a little longer for this kind of talent. Afternoon turns into evening. Libations flow easy. Southern dishes satisfy hunger pangs. And the music plays on. Maybe it’s time to get back to your roots.

Little Room Jazz Club in Key West, Florida

Dining Outside the Home: Little Room Jazz Club in Key West, Florida! If you prefer to sit on the edge of the party, tuck your legs under a bar stool at a high table in a cozy corner of Little Room Jazz Club. Step back in time to an era of speakeasies and nightclubs. Pay attention as the piano player tickles the ivory keys in the glow of blue neon lights. Every now and then, requests ring out from regular patrons while first-timers absorb the melodic freedom of harmonic jazz enticing a head bob, toe tap, or other bodily motions. For those who like to nibble as they drink, a nice assortment of small bites are available on the menu. Choose an entertaining evening; experience it all.

Historic Jam Session Puts Recording Studio on the Charts

Anyone who visits Memphis, Tennessee makes an extra effort to visit Sun Studios, the most famous recording studio in the world. And it’s not just Baby Boomers who relate to this iconic landmark. After all, the birthplace of Rock ‘n Roll was home to the ‘Million Dollar Quartet’, a group of guys known as Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Carl Perkins. This is where it all began. Dreams come true, even now, when the tour buses have left for the day and the doors close so dedicated musicians can book the studio for private sessions. Yes, the same setup, even the same vintage microphone and an “x” on the floor where Elvis stood, becomes the inspiration. Go ahead, stand in awe. Close your eyes and imagine the best music you ever heard.