Red Fish Blue Fish in Key West, Florida

Dining Outside the Home: Red Fish Blue Fish in Key West, Florida! When you’re wandering around Mallory Square, step off the beaten path a block or so to discover a hidden gem where seafood is prime and the drinks go down easy. Order one of the signature cocktails from Red Fish Blue Fish, made with real fruit and fresh juices. Stay awhile, and without a doubt, you’ll be smitten by the most breathtaking sunset in the Florida Keys. This is cause for celebration. The sheer beauty and passion of the residents is enough to make anyone feel at home once they cross the threshold of this popular seafood joint.

Dining Outside the Home: Garden Table on Mass Avenue in Indianapolis, Indiana

Dining Outside the Home: Garden Table on Mass Avenue in Indianapolis, Indiana! More and more restaurants are meeting the demand for healthy and natural foods. Garden Table is no exception. In fact, they pride themselves in offering locally grown and harvested ingredients from sustainable farms. Believe me, your taste buds will notice. Take, for instance, the October Sky crafted espresso latte, laced with butternut squash and aromatic spices. It goes down so smooth you’ll find yourself savoring the aftertaste of cardamom and spice. Take it easy for Sunday brunch. The menu thrills with a Garden Benedict smothered in herbed hollandaise over sourdough toast. Be good to yourself. Experience Garden Table on Mass Avenue. We’re all in this together.