Celebration Park in Naples, Florida

Dining Outside the Home: Celebration Park in Naples, Florida! Food trucks are all the buzz. Think about it. Resident chefs tend to zero in on specialized foods, are typically fresh, and often prepared on the spot when you place the order. They offer unique combinations for trying something new as well. In the mood for seafood? Try the lobster roll. Care for a cocktail? Permission granted. At Celebration Park an added bonus is a waterside table, a seat at the open-air tiki bar, or picnic table-style dining. With over half a dozen stationery food trucks, order a bite to eat or a complete meal. Happy Hour is often highlighted with live music. Green space encourages lawn games for friendly competition. An atmosphere filled with memories that encourage hanging out for relaxation turns an ordinary outing into a contagious destination.

Movie on the Lawn Under the Stars

Grab a lawn chair, cuddle under a beach towel, or dip your toes in the sand….as long as you stick around when the sun begins to set below the Kauaiian sunset. The Marriott Beach Resort at Kalapaki Bay offers ocean-front seating for an outdoor movie presentation that is sure to entertain. Watch the original 1961 release of “Blue Hawaii”, starring the heartthrob, Elvis Presley and sexy Joan Blackman. You’ll, no doubt, recognize the Coco Palms Resort Hotel on the east coast of Kauai as well as Lydgate Park. Absorb the romance, snap your fingers to the music, clap with the sounds of the waves on the seashore. This is what vacations are made of. Aloha, Kauai!