Millennial Pool Chair Thieves Lack Respect 

Me, me, me. I want it, I deserve it, I’m gonna take it. Everyone who travels to a 5-star beach resort understands about pool etiquette. Senior citizens get it. Adolescent boys are taught it. Generation Xers understand it. Respect, Regard, Refrain. Pool security guards expect it…because there are distinct clues. Those who take the time to visit the staff at the Towel Hut, receive the day’s color-coded wristbands, arrange two chaise loungers under a patio umbrella, and neatly fold the beach towels so they meet in the middle, are clear indications that “These chairs are taken”. In many resorts, the Pool Manager even goes so far as to lay out towel-covered cushions over a chaise lounger placed in the shade of a patio umbrella hours before an elderly guest needs it. So why is it that a couple of Millennials have the audacity to scoop the beach towels off the chairs of their choosing, toss them in a heap, and plop themselves down as if “Entitlement” is their middle name? Where do they think they are? On an All-Inclusive Party Boat where chair hoggers are known to greedily grab more chairs than they need? News flash: the ones who placed the towels there initially ARE going to show up. And they will not be pleased with your rude actions! So don’t pretend you’re asleep or cast your eyes away as if you’ve done nothing wrong. Grow up, learn how to respect others, and learn about etiquette. Because in the end, you “reap what you sow, more than you sow, later than you sow.” Do the right thing. Then you won’t have to spend the remainder of your vacation looking over your shoulder. Rant over!