Hero in the Hard Hat

Jetting away to a tropical island in the middle of the South Pacific may be everyone’s idea of the perfect dream vacation, and it can be, until reality sets in. Power outages and antiquated water lines can be a bit of a challenge when the sand is sticking to your skin and you desperately need a clean shower. Repairs take time; patience is key. Learn to smile and “go with the flow” (no pun intended). Only two days ago I was wrinkling my nose at a man who stood under the open shower nozzles at the beach using a bar of Ivory soap. He proceeded to lather his entire body, including down his swim trunks. I walked away feeling as though I had intruded on his personal shower-time. Perhaps his accommodations were without power and water. Interesting perspective. In time, the diligent utility workers restored things to order in my little corner of the world and life in paradise had resumed. Keep in mind, heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Some even wear hard hats.