Dining Outside the Home: 110 Grill in Nashua, New Hampshire 

Dining Outside the Home: 110 Grill in Nashua, New Hampshire! Restaurants face the challenge of offering a menu that encompasses the diversity of palate as well as creativity in diet. Rest assured, 110 Grill raises the bar. Vegan choices as well as Gluten-free options show commitment to customer needs and satisfaction. Even the Beverage Book features creative cocktails, craft beers, and New World wines. Check in and see how they’re catching on. From business to pleasure, 110 Grill creates an ambiance that makes any occasion feel festive. 

Eating My Way Through the Alphabet; Letter B

What’s Cooking in Gail’s Kitchen? The Joy of Eating: Bleu Plate Special! As the day winds down, the kids are fed, and the sunset turns to burnt-sugar orange, take some time out for yourself. Make a delightful cheese plate filled with inviting textures balanced by a range of flavors from aged and smoky to salty and sweet. Pair with a glass of sweet wine (or fruity spritzer) for an amazing taste sensation. Sink back into a comfy chaise lounge and let soft music fill the room. Remind yourself this is a classic French dessert, and prepare to be pampered. 

Wedge of Bleu Cheese (or any aged cheese variety)

Bunch of Green Grapes (or any seasonal fruit)

Smoked Almonds

Water Crackers (or crusty breads)

Choose a platter where all ingredients can be arranged in a simple way, leaving space between choices. Identify cheeses if offering more than one kind. Rule of thumb: Place one cheese knife or spreader for each type of cheese. Keep it simple.