The Sherman in Batesville, Indiana

Dining Outside the Home: The Sherman in Batesville, Indiana! Listed as one of the Historic Hotels of America, The Sherman is the “Gathering Place of Generations”, established in 1852. Located among the sleepy hills of southern Indiana, German culture remains the theme within and without. The German Tudor style architecture is easily identified by the half-timbering on the two-story building which houses the enchanting hotel, European corner café, private alcoved restaurant, antique Belgium bar, and popular outdoor biergarten. German cuisine, known for its specialties, speaks volumes of Oktoberfest-style renderings. From flavorful brauts to international beers to scrumptious desserts, the extensive menu pleases the palate of travelers, historians, celebrities, and residents alike. The next time a road trip takes you on a journey of exploration, stop for awhile to bask in the hospitality known throughout the area at The Sherman.

Hudson Yards Grill in New York, New York

Dining Outside the Home: Hudson Yards Grill in New York, New York! Outside the window stands one of Manhattan’s newest public landmarks called The Vessel. It’s got people talking, which brings visitors to Hudson Yards for shopping and dining. After climbing the giant sculpture of interlocking staircases for a spectacular panoramic view of the Hudson River, Central Railroad, and Hudson Yards neighborhood, you’re bound to be hungry. Look no further than Hudson Yards Grill. Its Pre Fixe meals, Sushi, Salads, and Desserts win raves. And that’s just for lunchtime. Ingredients are fresh, expertly prepared, and served like an artistic masterpiece. Count on coming back for dinner. You deserve it.

All Aboard: Grand Central Station, NYC

No matter the day or hour, people can be seen flocking in droves to New York City’s Grand Central Terminal. It’s hard to imagine the doors formally opened to the public in 1913. As the first “stairless” station, gradual sloping ramps accommodate even the tiniest toddler at its mother’s hem to the elder traveler with a cane. The main concourse is flanked by gigantic glass window panes and classical architecture. Stop for a moment and look up at the gilded arched ceiling. Notice the astronomical phenomenon made up of 2500 stars. And that’s not all. With 60 retail shops and 35 eateries, this impressive landmark is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that is considered the world’s most visited tourist attraction. 

Historic Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego is an Architectural Marvel 

Historic Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego, California is an Architectural Marvel! Explore this district by foot or trolley to appreciate the area once known as New Town, simply because the gas-lighted street lamps marked saloons, gambling halls, and bordellos for sailors on shore leave. Today the area is a hub of shopping, dining, and nightly entertainment with music, festivals, and other events. The buildings are still magnificent, having been restored and utilized as a popular focus for local flavor. Grab ahold of the past as you enjoy the present while soaking up the character of these dynamic painted ladies.