Memphis is Aglow with Holiday Spirit

Memphis is Aglow With Holiday Spirit! Take a romantic stroll down historic Beale Street where twinkling lights of towering Christmas trees become the backdrop for ancient evenings and distant music. The clip-clop prancing of horse-drawn carriages fulfill childhood dreams with fairytale endings. If you’re lucky, you may sneak a peak at whimsical gingerbread displays where marching ducks waddle in tune down gilded staircases lined with curiosity seekers. How do they do that? Outside again, parades abound. Holiday happenings and light shows illuminate the night with plenty of fanfare. Soak up the allure before checking out live entertainment in open-air courtyards filled with soulful blues. Dance a little. Laugh out loud. These are memories that linger on. Well done, Memphis, Tennessee.

Dining Outside the Home: Ernestine and Hazel’s in Memphis, Tennessee

Dining Outside the Home: Ernestine and Hazel’s in Memphis, Tennessee! Housed in a building steeped with southern history lies a gathering place where the burgers are greasy, the music is hypnotic, and the liquor is smooth. People connect with the heart and soul at the mere thought of Chuck Berry or Ray Charles, listening as the jukebox plays on. Upstairs an aura of mystique practically oozes from the heavily color-draped walls. That’s no coincidence, especially after hearing murmurings of shadowy figures and other unexplained phenomenon based on the dozen or so tragic deaths that occurred there. Perhaps that is why the seasoned bartender keeps his head down, humming under his breath, and serves up a stiff one.