Su’s Garden Chinese Restaurant on Marco Island, Florida

Dining Outside the Home: Su’s Garden Chinese Restaurant on Marco Island, Florida! Pay no attention to the golden lions guarding the serpent-wrapped columns as you enter through the glass doors, unless you want to take a photo. Dining areas are set with white tablecloths, printed placemats, and flatware. Meals are served in Old World style on blue and white designed dishes by attentive servers. Portions are generous and filling. The menu offers tasty appetizers, savory soups, and extensive house specialties with steamed or fried rice. Pay attention to the dishes that promote peppery hot, spicy ingredients for those who crave that Szechwan kick. One mustn’t forget a pot of the blended hot tea for the ultimate dining experience. When you can go no further, sit back, break open the fortune cookie, read the message, and eat the cookie. Perfect meals require perfect endings.

Dining Outside the Home: Garden Island Barbecue & Chinese Restaurant in Lihue, Kauai

Dining Outside the Home: Garden Island Barbecue & Chinese Restaurant in Lihue, Kauai. A true sign of a popular eatery is a full parking lot before you ever set foot inside the door. In the short time it takes to park the car, pay attention to the steady flow of customers clutching brown bag take-out orders. Proof positive something pretty tasty is going on inside. The wait staff is practiced in efficient service, yet patient enough to answer questions and offer suggestions. Another plus. Casual dining means a table for two as well as larger tables for friends and family-size groups. I’m not gonna lie. An extensive menu offers choices beyond your wildest expectations. Szechuan for a kick of spice, a healthy dose of vegetables, tasty barbecue combos, sizzling beef, mixed seafood platters, and more. Ample servings and portion sizes make sharing delightful. After all, who doesn’t enjoy nibbling a bite or two of something different? Get off the beaten path and mingle with locals.