Tour of Italy in Greenfield, Indiana

Dining Outside the Home: Tour of Italy in Greenfield, Indiana! There’s something charming about an eatery located on the town square a few steps from the county courthouse. Inside the decor is Old World Italy with rustic brick walls dividing spacious seating for a romantic meal for two, weekend entertainment for a crowd, or outdoor dining on the patio. The wait staff is as friendly as family. If you’re lucky, the owner of Tour of Italy may step away from the alcove kitchen to twirl pizza dough into the air. With fresh ingredients, made-from-scratch garlic knots, and authentic Italian cuisine, it’s difficult to choose just one item. Order enough to share and take home the rest. Problem solved.

Experience Alligators in Cocoa, Florida

When my Aunt Gail and Cousin Connie invited us on the Lone Cabbage Fish Camp Airboat Ride, I had no idea what they were talking about. And until you share the sensation of gliding down the river before cutting over hardy reeds, lily pads, and marsh lands, you won’t either. It is the most thrilling exploration of swamps, alligators, and wildlife imaginable. Did you know cattle and steer stand knee-deep in the marsh just to nibble on healthy greens? Or that “gators” flip out on the surface of the waterway only to submerge yards ahead with their eyes peeking over the Everglades? I saw first-hand exotic baby alligators, while merely days-old, mingle camouflaged at water’s edge believing they are completely invisible. I learned the majestic pond cypress tree, with its scale-like trunk, can tolerate wetlands and endure floods making it an ancient species of southern gentility. Seeing a dense grove among floating lily pads is not only impressive, it’s artistic. As the skillfully guided airboat ride ended, I knew I had glimpsed Nature at its best. A delicious lunch sampling of fresh “gator”, frog legs, shrimp, clams, and fish culminated the visit with memories galore, followed by a fond farewell. 

Follow the Boston Freedom Trail

Everyone should experience this once in their lifetime. The Freedom Trail traces the footsteps of United States history beginning with the American Revolution. The red-lined route can be followed at a pace you set for yourself leaving plenty of time for stops along the way. Paul Revere’s House. The site of the Boston Massacre. Bunker Hill Monument. Old North Church. The 2.5 mile walk is “visitor-friendly” and filled with landmarks. Do it your way. But do it.