Danger: High Wind and Surf

High Surf Warning remains in effect until 6:00 p.m. today. Looking across the bay from the garden terrace at JJ Broilers, we caught sight of flashing red lights on a Lihue emergency vehicle. Immediately we were alerted to the possibility of peril on the cliff beyond our cottage where a solitary road leads to the beacon lighthouse at the point. Two shadowy figures, resembling paramedics, appeared to be standing on the edge of the cliff where ominous lava boulders criss-crossed in jagged terrain over a hill that drops away. Several yards offshore, a Coastguard rescue boat bobbed on the choppy waves keeping watch from a distance should a distress signal necessitate action. We had no clue if a surfer had collided against the rocks causing debilitating fractures or if a hiking enthusiast lost his footing among unstable formations. It could also have been a fisherman stranded in a cave when a gust of wind propelled waves to crash in leaving no time to escape. Within the hour, the coastguard drifted away and the emergency vehicle crawled back down the hill, leaving us to scratch our heads and wonder “What Happened?”