Unlock Your Newfound Potential; Part 2

Next she attaches the hose, deciding which nozzle to use in order to keep from shattering the window pane. 

“Let’s go easy to test the waters. No pun intended”, she says in amusement. 
“But what about the bleach?”, she ponders. “After all, there’s got to be something to use to keep that Shrek-beast from returning once it’s clean. That’s better than soap suds, right?”
Dashing back into the house, she promptly returns with a gallon jug of Clorox, Original Scent. Procrastinating a little, she waves at the neighbors passing by and tries to avoid the task at hand. It’s time to face things head on. 
“So where is the plug?  Maybe it takes one of those handy, durable battery packs to get things started,” she vacillates.  “Can’t be……doesn’t that look like a gas tank, which was probably emptied last summer when we split up? Sheesh.” 
Breakups are so ugly. With renewed conviction she turns the black knob, pulls out that skinny little wire, and gives the starter handle a vigorous jerk. Once, twice. Sputter, sputter, and then off it goes! 
“Work fast, now,” she commands herself.
“Squeeze the handle, make sure to stay away from the window!”
“But where’s the power surge? It’s not doing anything except giving the house a gentle shower. Seriously?”, she thinks out loud in exasperation. 
Deep breath. Time to be aggressive, act boldly, and attach another nozzle. 
“Stay Away From That Window!!”, her brain cautions for the umpteenth time. 
Not realizing the force of water might lend itself to a loss of balance, secure footing is regained, and clean streaks slowly begin to shine through on the vinyl.
“Wow, that really looks good”, she congratulates herself. 
It’s all a matter of rhythm. Using both hands, she swings the wand back and forth across one side of the window, beneath the glass, along the pane, and on to the other side. The pressure washer made the front of the house look new again. 
“This is awesome!  Job well done!”, she beamed with a winning smile. Further affirmation that Spring is the perfect time to unlock your newfound potential.