Do Opposites Attract?  The “LOVE / HATE Blogger Challenge” Awaits!

Every once in awhile we are asked to take a look at our distinct personality and the opinions that make us unique in our own right. It’s not always easy to take a self-critical unbiased view, especially when the statements can be based on emotional reactions. But I took a deep breath and decided to oblige. Besides, inviting conversation is usually very interesting. Since my associate blogger friend over at (whom I do not know on a first name basis) included me in this challenge, I thought I would set foot into the ring and share a little more about myself.

The rules ask that you list ten (10) things you LOVE followed by ten (10) things you HATE. So here I go…..

(1) I love to listen to French music when I am cooking in my kitchen.

(2) I love to surprise people with gifts of food.

(3) I love to travel with my husband when he goes away on business.

(4) I love to impulsively send handwritten notes to others.

(5) I love that the word “Hope” is always part of my vocabulary.

(6) I love it when God uses me to be a blessing to others.

(7) I love Stargazer Lilies with their hypnotic fragrance and alluring beauty.

(8) I love bicycle rides and sunrise surprises.

(9) I love romance and being in love with my husband.

(10) I love to iron tea towels and clothes with a light lavender starch. It makes me feel as though I am ironing in the south of France.

(1) I hate that Forgiveness is sometimes conditional.

(2) I hate seeing loved ones and friends struggle with illness.

(3) I hate hearing God’s name taken in vain.

(4) I hate the excuse, “I’m Busy”!

(5) I hate to see people cry.

(6) I hate a messy house.

(7) I hate spiders, especially fuzzy ones. And jumping spiders.

(8) I hate being the first person to enter a room. (Second child syndrome.)

(9) I hate it when people talk loud on their cell phones.

(10) I hate verbal, emotional, and physical abuse.
Now that my lists are complete, I have the pleasure of issuing the “Love / Hate Blogger Challenge” to ten lucky people. Read on and Pay It Forward!
Reeanna Lynn
That was easy.  Now, tell me, Do Opposites Attract?

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