Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice! 🍰 The world of blogging has put me in touch with some of the nicest people! I have discovered how easy it is to broaden my horizons and nurture common interests. I would like to thank Stephy of for nominating me for my second Liebster Award! Her blog is a delicious link to bakery-fresh pastries! This girl has talent! 🍰
The rules for The LIEBSTER Award are as follows:

1 – Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog.

2 – Answer the 10 questions given by the nominator.

3 – Nominate and link 10 bloggers.

4 – Notify all the bloggers you’ve nominated.

5 – Create 10 new questions for your nominees to answer.
Stephy asked me to answer the following questions:
1. Do you have any unfulfilled dreams you are awaiting to come true and if so plz do share. πŸ“ I would like to publish the first edition of “Eating My Way Through the Alphabet”.
2. Lavish lifestyle or simple and meek? πŸ“ Too easy. I already live a simple life in the country.
3. Which do you prefer with some free time, Walk or Sleep/nap? πŸ“ Walking.
4. Paperback or Digital format novels? Which one you like best? πŸ“ Hard Cover. lol
5. What do you enjoy about your blog? πŸ“ I love to keep it organized and simple.
6. Honesty or Loyalty? Which do you think is more admirable? πŸ“ Hmmmmm. Sometimes people are so honest, it hurts. So I guess…Loyalty.
7. Most memorable moment so far in your life? πŸ“ I have a really good memory, so it’s hard to point to just one moment.
8. With age comes…….respect OR wisdom? πŸ“ Wisdom!
9. What’s the one thing about yourself that you would say you love most? πŸ“ Patience.
10. If you had been given $3,000 by someone to do what you will with it, and you were financially stable but not rich (doing pretty good so to speak, but COULD do better, just not in harms way financially), would you choose to give to a more needy person, OR keep it and buy some things you have BEEN longing to get? πŸ“ I would give it away, honestly. God has blessed me beyond measure.
Now it’s my turn to nominate ten bloggers.
Nominees, please answer the following questions:

(1) What age do you feel right now?
(2) What do you want your tombstone to say?
(3) If you could choose one food to eat every single day, what would it be?
(4) Is it better to beg forgiveness or ask permission?
(5) Which is better……a novel or a movie?
(6) Are you a night owl or a morning person?
(7) Would you rather use Facebook or Twitter?
(8) On the average, how much time do you spend on your blog each day?
(9) What is your best character strength?
(10) Are you a free-spirit who “goes with the flow” or an organized person who likes structure and discipline?
Okay, Peeps, gather your thoughts and pave the way for others to follow.


  1. 7. Most memorable moment so far in your life? πŸ“ I have a really good memory, so it’s hard to point to just one moment. —-REALLY ???? How about Oct. 15, 2011? That is my most memorable moment.

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