To Each His Own

Some people come to the beach to play volleyball all afternoon while bystanders cheer them on. Others hit the waves carrying poly-constructed surfboards with barking dogs in tow. Every now and then an ageless couple is seen strolling hand in hand with waves tickling their ankles in every step as a dedicated jogger passes them by. From grandparents to teenagers to toddlers, the crescent-mooned shoreline is dotted with primitive sand castles and elaborate sculptures, each one a masterpiece to the artist who creates it. Yellow, red, and orange umbrellas promise shade with lingering sea breezes when the tropical sun becomes relentless. As I glance up from my enticing paperback novel, take a sip of raspberry iced tea, I notice a middle-aged man standing chest high in waves smoking a Kauaiian cigar while staring longingly out to sea. Tell me now, what is your idea of Paradise on Earth?

11 thoughts on “To Each His Own

  1. I think the moment when we think all is just good…. it doesn’t depend on a place. But the place feels like paradise when we are feeling that way.
    But I know what you mean! To me, Southern California is the paradise I know so far for me 🙂

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  2. I like the beach in winter. Blustery fingers teasing my hair, sand blasting my body bent into the onslaught. I like the crash of the waves in my ears, the plaintive cry of gulls. But that is this day. Tomorrow I will be a different person.

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  3. Time and place make no difference to me. Circumstance sometimes does. But for me, paradise is always being with someone who loves me – friend or family – and laughing till we feel that our sides, and faces, might split 🙂

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