Transformation of the Island Alchemist 

Kōloa Rum Company boasts rum tasting as a popular pastime on the Garden Isle of Kauai. Can it be because this award-winning product infuses a love potion that seduces the body as well as the mind? Perhaps it is due to the fact that this premium rum is made naturally from tall sugarcane and pure mountain waters found here. It doesn’t hurt that the dark rum layer topping off the signature Mai Tai cocktail is practically part of the islander’s daily diet and available everywhere you turn. With notes of vanilla, roasted nuts, and a caramel coffee finish, of course the locals are proud of its glorious popularity. It is Kauai, after all. Jamie, the animated bartender at the Kōloa Rum Company Tasting Bar, is a party girl. She shares the history, makes you laugh, explains the process, makes you laugh, pours the drinks, and makes you laugh…. all in under 30 minutes. When you have taken that last sip, and walk out the door, you’ve not only become another believer in island magic, you’ve been transformed into another island alchemist. 

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