Trade Winds Soothe the Soul

Perched on the edge of a blue lagoon along the Coconut Coast sits the Kauai Beach Hostel where accommodations are a little different. Bamboo doors may divide sleeping quarters and open-air communal gathering spots encourage free expression. Just beyond the bike trail in a grove of coconut palms, the ground dips enough to receive a small cluster of young bohemians. Easily recognized by their folksy clothing, beaded jewelry, long hair, and external spontaneity, the word “hippie” comes to mind. The guys often toss a hacky sac into the air or walk a tight rope stretched between two tree trunks like a balance beam. The gals may sometimes sit cross-legged on the ground in transcendental fashion facing the sea. At first glance it appears as though the feminine curve of a back seems naked and bare. A second look confirms it. Dark straight hair spills over each shoulder falling forward as this gypsy time-traveler engages the group in lively conversation. From time to time a puff of smoke is seen floating on the breeze carrying a distinct aroma slightly familiar. Clasped hands are joined in love. Radiant sunbeams pour through swaying palm fronds as heads roll back and laughter fills the air. Life is good on this peaceful tropical island where trade winds soothe the soul. 

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