What a Wonderful World

When you get a personal invitation and a table up front to hear a resident Kauaiian who garner’s the title of World Famous Ukulele Artist, you pay attention. Aldrine Guerrero, one of the creators of Underground Ukulele, is a thirty-something marvel on the Kanile’a stringed instrument. Aldrine has a goal to expand the next generation of ukulele players by combining a community of talented artists together with knowledge and technique through the internet. His unique style and nimble fingers have produced YouTube videos accumulating over seven and a half million views. In demand at concerts, Guerrero builds a friendship with the audience in every song. He finds a way of connecting you to the music through personal lyrics, old favorites, and fast-paced acoustics. Often his fingers move so fast, they become a blur. Then his smile says it all. He and his guitarist, Aaron Nakamura, performed at the Oasis on the Beach for two hours without pause leaving the audience to clap their hands in jubilation. My husband and I departed with a personalized CD, a snapshot, and a feeling of being in the presence of greatness. 

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