Elvis Can’t Help Falling in Love

Bon voyage aboard the famous Smith Family Cruise Boat for an exclusive trek up the Wailua River, known as “the only navigable River” in all Hawaii. Our captain boldly proclaims the river’s pure mountain waters pour down from Mt. Wai’ale’ale, well-known as one of the wettest spots in the world. “Pay attention,” he continues, “to the lush lands along the river where the sacred capital of ancient Kauai became home of the island’s ali’i; the birthplace of royalty.” Four generations of Smiths stay committed to the daily tradition of endless love, chanting song, and native dance sharing Kauai’s rich heritage along the way. Hula dancers move to the strings of guitar and ukulele in rhythm-filled emotion. Hypnotic hip swaying and intricate arm movements transcend the trance-induced travelers serenading all into their world. Our two-mile journey upstream is filled with anticipation as the boat navigates around ambitious kayak enthusiasts and canoe outriggers en route to the Secret Falls near the next bend. For us, the destination is more astounding. Finally we dock in a private landing where we make our way on a winding footpath through a serene rainforest filled with exotic plants, towering trees, and tropical flowers native to the island. At the end of the trail the mystery unfolds. In plain sight Nature astounds all who gaze in wonder and awe. A geological act of God was born millions of years ago. And that wonder is Fern Grotto. A natural cave, formed from lava, is an amphitheater completely covered in ferns that are growing UPSIDE DOWN from the roof of the grotto. Truly! At one time, prior to Hurricane Iniki, wedding ceremonies were actually held within the grotto. This location was featured in the movie, “Blue Hawaii”, starring Elvis Presley, making it one of the most romantic and unique wedding sites in the world. Our host proclaims one final word with a smile, “The Hawaiian blessing is Hoi Hou Ke Aloha; Let us fall in love all over again.”

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