Mermaid Tears at Glass Beach 

One can search for treasure without ever setting foot offshore if you believe in the legend of Mermaid Tears. Long ago, when pirates ran amuck and terrorized the sea, they ruthlessly pillaged cargo ships. Countless glass jars, perfume vials, wine flagons, and beverage bottles were cast overboard to lighten the load. Over time, the discarded glass became broken, weathered, smooth, and frosted in appearance. The edges were rounded and polished as the glass was tossed between the saltwater waves and the fine sandy beaches. Eventually the sea glass washed up and down the coast by longshore currents and ended up beached. What about the mermaid legend, you ask? Well, every pirate ship has a gangplank. Whenever a captured sailor was forced by a raider to walk the plank, he helplessly plunged into the water below and drowned. As mermaid tears were shed at their untimely fate, they magically turned into polished sea glass in hues of blue, green, amber, and red. Glass Beach, in Hanapepe Bay, is covered with thousands of colorful sea glass pebbles. Because of the rough waves and rocky shore, beach combing is permitted in this remote area, but swimming should be avoided. 

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