Delta Dawn Tug-of-War

Warm ocean waters dance with a cool mountain stream at the tidal mouth of the bay. Unusual, yet captivating. This tug-of-war between salt water and fresh water changes the landscape of the beach every single day leaving one to wonder if the results were sculpted by a gigantic sandman while you were sleeping. Be aware. The waves from the sea in this spot are driven by the surf and the rainwater from the wettest mountain range on the island is powered by gravity. Oftentimes, the point where the two collide creates a momentary whirlpool. Entertaining to watch before the freshwater current rides the waves back out to sea. The bank is no different than a sand castle. It may leave you with a false sense of security believing the beach is more solid than it appears. One step can crumble the wall like squeezing the water out of a sponge. Another may leave you off balance sinking up to your knees in a quicksand-like soft bottom. Either way, it’s an enigma worth beholding. 

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