On Golden Pond: The Nā Pali Coast

For the biggest white gold sandy beach in Kauai, offering a panoramic view from sea to coast, you must be determined to make the road trip real. Everything is fine until you hit the state park sign at the end of Highway 50. The arrow points west and promises to be nothing less than tough for another four miles. I have witnessed discouraged tourists reverse direction and head back to solid ground. I have also witnessed rental cars broken down. The old sugar cane road is unpaved, extremely bumpy with deep ruts, and a single lane trail of sand at best. And that’s if it hasn’t rained in awhile. But the adventurous spirit must know no bounds. You know you have arrived when the landscape beyond the windshield joins mountain and beach in an unforgettable breath-taking view. Forget cell phone coverage. Radio station signals are nil. And unless you park at the end, beyond Queen’s Pond, no facilities are available. On the endlessly long and wide beach, sweeping sand dunes and clusters of lava rock, are washed with powerful white-capped waves that roar like a coalition of male lions. And this is Paradise. You have arrived!

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