Paul Zerdin is No Dummy in Las Vegas

Ventriloquism has never been my thing. I remember my older cousins laughing about the antics of Howdy Doody, but maybe I was too young to get it. He looked a little too scary to me. Fast forward to the British recent winner of “America’s Got Talent” and I found myself taking a second look. You will, too. This guy is so good, prepare to be entertained in Las Vegas. The live show was nonstop comedy as Paul Zerdin interacted with the audience through his believable “family” of infant Baby, pre-adolescent Sam, and Albert the outspoken old geezer. The surprises never end as this entire cast of characters come to life. Or do they? Decide for yourself. 

2 thoughts on “Paul Zerdin is No Dummy in Las Vegas

  1. I went to Vegas a couple years ago and watched Terry Fator. Not a super fan of ventriloquism either, but the singing dolls were amazing! I’m sure Paul is doing a great job, as well. Looking forward to see the show.

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