THP first birthday!! Let’s celebrate!!

Celebrations are meant to be savored and treasured! 🌟✨

the happiest pixel

Hey pixels!! Today is a big day!! One year ago I wrote and published my first post. The first happy and pixelated post. I remember I was so nervous because I wasn’t sure about how the blogging experience would be. I’ve had another blog in the past, but it was a disaster, so I must say I was a little afraid of repeting the bad experience.

But this time it has been a good, awesome experience. During this 12 months I’ve known a lot of interesting people and I’ve had my first awards, guest post and collaborations. Amazing!!


I couldn’t have done anything without you, my happy and lovely pixels!! So this post is my way to say thank you, and my present for you. It comes with not one, but three awesome recipes that you can make later at home. Two of them are from my friends Gail, from 

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