Ghost Bride is Urban Legend 

The Urban Legend of Ghost Bride Is Shockingly Real. The infamous bridal ghost of Fairmont Banff Springs continues to aimlessly roam the hallways of the century-old prestigious hotel. And who can blame her? Years ago, on the most important day of her life, while descending a spiral staircase, the hem of her gown caught fire from lighted candles causing her to fatally tumble down the marble steps. From the ballroom above, imagine the terrifying gasps as her body lay crumpled like a rag doll at the foot of the stairs. To this day, hotel guests claim the presence of a young woman,dressed all in white, visibly wanders around the staircase or can be spotted waltzing in the ballroom above. Beware the icy breeze. It’s enough to raise the hair on your arm. 

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