Dining Outside the Home: Hail, Caesar

Dining Outside the Home: Hail, Caesar! When you visit a place engulfed in history, it’s not uncommon to hear about its claim-to-fame signature cocktail. Invented in Calgary, yet popular exclusively all over Canada, is the Caesar, also known as a Bloody Caesar. Similar to a Bloody Mary with vodka, spice, and flavor enhancements, the one key ingredient that cannot be excluded is clam juice. It is essential. Mott’s Clamato Cocktail, to be exact. End of story. No matter where you go in Canada, the Caesar is in a class all its own. Every mixologist has their own creation of a bold, savory, made-from-scratch fresh taste combination unique to that bartender. And that is where the fun begins. From a multitude of seasoned rimmers to the grand finale show-stopping garnish, the Canadian Caesar will have you walking away convinced you just experienced uncultivated euphoria. 

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