Step Onto the Glass Floor of Calgary Tower in Calgary, Canada

Have you ever stood among the clouds? The Calgary Tower offers a spectacular view 626 feet above the heart of downtown. If you walk around the enclosed observation deck, it is possible to see 360°. In one direction, the Canadian Rockies appear on the horizon. In another, the foothills are in the distance and prairies look like patchwork quilts. And then there are the rooftops and street traffic below that can make a child squeal with laughter and a woman feel as lightheaded as being kissed. Not into heights? No worries. The view with two feet on solid ground offers a night glow that is ever-changing from purple, pink, red, green, or blue. On special nights golden moonlight adds a mystical magical allure to the view. 

22 thoughts on “Step Onto the Glass Floor of Calgary Tower in Calgary, Canada

  1. WOW! Awesome! I was too afraid to stand on the glass floor at the CN Tower in Toronto in 1998 but had no problems anymore on the Skywalk at the Grand Canyon in 2009! The view you show here is breathtaking!

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