February 2017 Share and Inspire Others! BREAD – SWEET AND SAVORY

Anyone who loves carbs will want this post, thanks to Esmé, for their recipe file. Bread-lovers unite! 🥖🍞🥐



I know, I know, I am early in releasing this post, but look at all the wonderful recipes we received for our Februay 2017 Share and Inspire Others!  BREAD – SWEET AND SAVORY Recipe Exchange.  I just had to share this immediately with you all!!  Thanks again for all the awesome entries.

Remember to check out my blog as the new theme for March will be released on 1st March.

All participants, have time from now up untill midnight February 20th, to Promote and do a post/reblog on your own blog, linking back to this post.

Posted in order of emails received:

Crunchy cinnamon apple French toast roll ups courtesy of cookwithsmileblog
Make your morning breakfast more interesting. Kids will love this.trh-crunchy-cinnamon-apple-french-toast-roll-upsThin crust Bread pizza on Stove top  courtesy of cookwithsmileblog
Craving for Pizza? Can’t wait too long? Try this quick thin crust Bread pizza. This can be ready within minutes with handful of…

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3 thoughts on “February 2017 Share and Inspire Others! BREAD – SWEET AND SAVORY

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing and spreading the love of “Share and Inspire Others!” to your followers. Hope you as well as many of your followers will be able to participate in the March theme which will be announced as per usual on the 1st of the month. Looking forward to many many more followers participating in this win win monthly recipe exchange

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