She Returns

Day Two: Hawaiian Monk Seals are as rare as hens teeth. And yet here we are on the second day where our expectant mother has returned to the same sandy beach as she did yesterday when she wiggled her way out of the depths of the ocean to come ashore. She seems more restless today, tossing and turning like a circus acrobat as though the pup inside her has suddenly made any position uncomfortable. Judging by the look of her upturned belly, the unborn pup probably already had its limbs, hind flipper, and wide muzzle developed. The brain, no doubt, is already instilled with survival instincts. The volunteers arrived earlier in order to fence off the area for her protection, which kept all bystanders a good distance away. After the encounter with the Hawaiian Monk Seal, I couldn’t help but get philosophical. Perhaps it’s the draw of the island; a special connection to life on Kauai. The following is an excerpt from the daily devotional, Christ in Our Home, Light for Today. “The Mystery of God. Willa was ninety-nine years old, a widow who lived alone. When I visited, I asked how she was. She usually said, ‘Halfway between Thank you, Jesus, and Lord, Have mercy.’ I asked her if she was ever afraid of being alone in her house. She said, ‘I am never alone.’ Her Bible lay open on the kitchen table. She quoted her favorite Bible passage, the final verse in Matthew: ‘And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.’ (Matthew 28:20) Our visits always deepened my own faith. Being with this woman of simple unquestioning confidence in the presence of the Lord strengthened me as Jesus’ follower. Willa didn’t discuss her faith in lofty language, rather in her quiet confidence and testimony that she was not alone.” Thinking about the Hawaiian Monk Seal’s solitary existence as well as her challenges in nature assures me that with God we can do everything. We are never alone. Share the peace. 

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