Fields of Taro

The road to Hanalei overlooks a landscape many artists dream of capturing on canvas. In fact, it’s not unusual to see someone standing off the side of the road with feet firmly planted in front of a wooden easel with paintbrush in hand. Farther up the steep winding paved surface is a bird’s eye view of the valley below where taro fields thrive. This is the eclectic village of Hanalei. Cross the single lane bridge at the bottom of the hill and see. At first glance these plants, with leaves the size of elephant ears, appear to be growing out of soggy fields saturated with water. Second cousins to the mallard duck waddle and fly wherever they please. This wildlife habitat is their lush playground. In the distance you may spot a farmer systematically tending the crop, knee-deep in the muddy paddy fields, oblivious to the stunning backdrop. After all, taro root is Hawaii’s favorite starch. Beyond his shoulder sweeps an endless view of towering mountains ruggedly splashed with colors of smoky amethyst and emerald jade. Pause here and drink in the beauty for reflection later on. 

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