12 thoughts on “Go After Your Dreams

  1. Hi I’m not sure i totally agree with the quote. I dream alone and I also make it happen. It’s like this blog I have for a year I dreamed about it ..read books,,,watched for images…started to draw. If I had listened to the people closest to me -I’m not sure it would of happened . Now I have another dream to go for emerging artist scholarship based on my printmaking and my blog…see what I mean. It’s like this..I say to my brother-who I love dearly… I think this print will be in the state fair this year -I think it’s a fun, understandable even from a kids point of view…and he says don’t get cocky but if I was unsure I might listen and not submit…but I have a sense of its fun and strength so I’m not going to listen to his voice or words.See what I mean? just a thought.

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    • Perhaps you have more behind you than you realize. Think about it. 🌟✨💫 Thank you for your thoughts. At times when I thought I was in pursuit of my dreams alone, I discovered the Spirit of the Lord was with me the entire time. 🌟✨💫


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