Dirt Dog in Las Vegas, Nevada

Dining Outside the Home: Dirt Dog in Las Vegas, Nevada. You know how it gets really hot outside and you can feel little beads of sweat on your brow? And the sun is beating down on your head because you forgot to wear a hat? And you wish for the umpteenth time you drank a glass of water that morning to keep hydrated, but didn’t? Your body is craving salt or something fried or maybe something dirty. Stop at Dirt Dog for amazing hot dogs, dirty sides, and dirty desserts. Begin with a Dirt Dog like The Mutt Dog topped with chimichurri sauce, guacamole, and spicy tomato chile sauce. Add an order of fries or corn on the cob. The seasonings alone are mind-boggling: garlic, limon and chile, sea salt, or chili powder. Finish it up with a deep-fried Twinkie or Oreos for good measure. That’ll teach you to keep hydrated.

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