Godspeed, Dear Mother

In the early morning hours my mother, Marian, peacefully slipped away to spend eternity in the Church Triumphant. She lived a humble life, focusing on simple things. She liked John Wayne movies, Louis L’Armour books, Willie Nelson’s braids, and Johnny Cash music. From her backyard swing, she’d feed wandering squirrels, ambitious chipmunks, and hungry birds. Purple irises and pink hollyhocks lined the wooden fence every Spring. With a youthful spirit, she loved board games, playing cards, and walking on wooden stilts. Her favorite fragrance was “Tabu” perfume and she wore it as long as I can remember. She was everything you love about life. Godspeed. I love you, Mom. 💕🍃🌸

93 thoughts on “Godspeed, Dear Mother

  1. 2 Corinthians 4:17: For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.

    I thank God that you remember the simple and joyful nature of your mum and that you have the confidence that you will see her again. I pray that your friends, family and church will provide you with comfort at this difficult time. God bless xx

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  2. Dear Gail,
    I realize we don’t know each other but from the description you gave here of your lovely mother I have to say I was so moved I felt touched by an angel in a sense because your mother was such a down to earth genuine human being and child of God’s in spades. Her loving those outdoor activities really got to me because I love those things so much too. I feed the squirrels and birds each day all kinds of treats from suet to a wide variety of seeds and some peanuts. What a positive force your sweet mother put out into the world around her and now via your loving words and remembrances these images of your dear mother which you have conveyed so well are touching other souls far and wide; while now of course she is with our heavenly Father doing unlimited good and enjoying it perpetually through His glory and absolute love!
    God Bless You and Yours and I’m very appreciative of what you shared here, and I do hope in some small way I have sent my inner most condolences with my heart felt love your way. Thank You.
    Brother in Christ Jesus, 🙏 ❤
    Lawrence Morra

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  3. Til we meet again. Heaven is filling up.( My Dad and BnL over the last few months. ) and on the 15th it will be 23 yrs since my youngest son left. Lost?? No…we know where they are.Thank you Lord Jesus.

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  4. Aw, Gail. My deepest sympathies. I can’t imagine losing your mother. My prayers that Jesus will comfort you and your family. Thank God she’s in heaven! She’ll have the very best Christmas of her whole life!

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  5. One of the hardest tings we endure on this earth is losing our parents. I am sorry for your loss. God bless you and your family. Hold the memories of your Mother close to your heart – they are a great comfort.

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  6. Your heart doth grieve, and tears shall fall,
    And mourning black you’ll wear for years.
    When I am now most perfect and free,
    I cannot comprehend your tears.


    The team trod along in silence. The occasional whimper or cry betraying their thoughts, deeply mourning, and recalling their losses.
    “Another thing [mother] told me” Sasha continued brightly, “was to hold my head high. Make her proud.”
    Another quiet minute passed, as the mood shifted. As they entered the Tunkan Trail, their heads and hearts steadily rising, their pace picked up a little.
    “That’s a fine sentiment, Sasha.” Stone said, “Proud for Mother.”
    They trotted along silently for quite some time, each individual deep within their own thoughts of Mother and mothers.
    Smiles slowly came to them, as the brief sadness of parting was overwhelmed by the lifetime of joy and love mothers had imparted on each.


    Seek peace,


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  7. Sorry for your loss. I know how difficult it is to lose the very person who brought you into this world and gave you life. May you find peace during this challenging time and know that even though she is no longer physically with you, her love for you will never end.

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