Old Town Tavern and Beer Garden in Key West, Florida

Dining Outside the Home: Old Town Tavern & Beer Garden in Key West, Florida! When the heat becomes stifling on a humid island day, duck inside the threshold for cooling shade of Old Town Tavern. This is real southern hospitality. Crafted cocktails and other nice drinks invite relaxation and conversation. Mixed greens and hearty portions encourage shared plates, if you’re into that sort of thing. The friendly staff makes this location a stopping point on a busy street. Drop in and stay awhile.

21 thoughts on “Old Town Tavern and Beer Garden in Key West, Florida

  1. Gail, sounds like a popular spot to kick back! I haven’t been to Florida in many years now but this makes me miss it more! I’m even reminiscing now about a point in time over 20 years ago when living at an old friend’s in Sarasota looking into property and potential jobs, some of the nice times I had with my buddy and his sister that both bought a house after they moved down there from up north after their parents had. Man the good old days! Now I’m getting old not the days! I really messed up on a 21 acre ranch on the outskirts of Myakka State Park with a four bedroom house and barn all the amenities and only about four years old. His sister a mortgage originator with Barclay Bank had given me the inside scoop on the place and said she could set it up no worries! Snooze ya loose!
    Oh well, I can picture myself at that Old Town Tavern & Beer Garden in Key West kicking back at least with a cold one and enjoying the ambience! Life is too short the way I make decisions; long pauses with my past record! Put it on pause too long and life passes ya by!

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  2. I really like the one day at a time, even mother Teresa promoted that concept very well. But the do stuff before ya can’t move anymore that worries me and puts a flame under my butt for sure; because I’m burning daylight here I reckon! Sounds like you have some awesome past good old days memories for sure! Think of it, what would like me without memory! That would be weird; like Twilight Zone Weird! I better cut it out so I don’t have any nightmare tonight!

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  3. See not like me; what would life be without memory! I’m already in the Twilight Zone, at least partially! 🤣
    A little poetic anyway! Hahaha…. 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

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  4. Mmmmm, yea so welcome too! Especially if one has a nose like a bloodhound! As a kid I was the one that could find the chocolate bars my dad had been eating watching the late show, then early before anyone had awoken I would tip toe like an elf out of bed and go on my search and destroy (gobble up) mission with 100% success mission accomplished ratio. At least my dad got a kick out of my persistence! Hugs 🤣XO🤣

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    • Gail see what I mean about partially in the Twilight Zone, I was writing a message to you and another friend/blogger who like you is always cooking up a storm and somehow I blended the both of you together in my mind as I commented on the delicious dishes just the way my taste for great food does in my imagination with these amazing recipes which gets me going; so hopefully the message still made sense at least being about food and relaxing!

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      • Yea our Dad’s were so understanding and special when we were kids! I imagine this looking for those goodies like we did was something many kids were doing, but when I happened to be the kid hunting for them I never even thought about that; only that my Dad was enjoying those treats as much as I did! He, he, he if I could get my hands on them before he did that is! Yea I too loved the Root Beer ones, and Wrigley’s Spearmint gum that I found in my Dad’s pockets at times like that too! ❣️

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