Navel Orange Avocado Plate

What’s Cooking in Gail’s Kitchen? Graze or Gobble: Navel Orange Avocado Plate! Keeping things simple seems to be working for me these days. By focusing on a few ingredients, the star attractions quickly become tart and juicy oranges complemented by creamy avocados with a slight crunch of seasoning. Who could ask for more? In order to intensify the ripeness of an avocado, I typically transfer a couple to a brown bag, seal it, and store the bag at room temperature in my pantry for two days. The skin will feel slightly soft to the touch, yet not mushy. From there, I refrigerate the avocados in the crisper drawer no longer than a day. Perhaps you have a system that works as well. Feel free to share.



4 navel oranges

2 avocados

1 tablespoon lime juice

1/2 teaspoon Everything But Bagel seasoning

Fresh cilantro, for garnish


Rinse the oranges and avocados. Using a sharp knife, slice the navel oranges into thin even slices, leaving peels on. Arrange them on a platter. Cut the avocados crosswise into quarters; remove the pits. Gently peel the skin off. Slice the avocado into wedges. Drizzle with lime juice. Arrange the avocado wedges around the orange slices. Sprinkle avocados with Everything But Bagel seasoning. Garnish platter with fresh cilantro. Serve.

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