The Three Amigos in Downtown Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Dining Outside the Home: The Three Amigos in Downtown Edmonton, Alberta, Canada! Authentic Mexican food is as festive as Mexican blankets, wide-rimmed sombreros, and multicolored piñatas. The “Daily Special” boasted Fajitas Al Pastor—crispy chunks of marinated pork cooked with onions and green pepper strips served on a sizzling skillet. Homemade corn tortillas accompanied sour cream, guacamole, and salsa. We ordered a side of refried beans to use as a binding agent once the shells were filled. The finishing touch of habanero sauce sealed the deal with a nice kick of spice. An agave nectar margarita cocktail culminated the entire meal. Bueno!

Beakerhead Brainstorm Hits Calgary, Canada

Beakerhead Brainstorm Hits Calgary, Canada! Mechanical sea creatures, giant motorized robots, walking on water, and hands-on technology are all eye-popping evidence of cultural encounters at the Beakerhead celebration held along Stephens Avenue in downtown Calgary, Canada. This is one time when seeing is believing. Inventors of all ages, as well as nerd busters and scientists, bring engineering to life by giving the public an up-close-and-personal glimpse of the what the genius mind can create. Every September it’s a “Mad, Mad World” where imagination knows no bounds. Join the street party where live music meets illusion for only the cost of curiosity. 

Dining Outside the Home: Milestones in Calgary, Canada

Dining Outside the Home: Milestones in Calgary, Canada! Try a trendy new dining experience for Date Night with your favorite squeeze or Girls Night Out to unwind. Get started with a vegetarian appetizer or a signature dish. No matter the choice, they’re all shareable. Rustic sandwiches pair aged garlic cheese with freshly grilled meats and honey sriracha slaw for savior-faire. Or perhaps a pasta bowl of sesame ginger beef and shiitake coconut rice is more to your liking. The choices seem unlimited. And the food photos in the menu have you drooling before the sun dips below the horizon. Sit back, settle in, and wile the night away. Leisure is made for Milestones. 

Peace Bridge is Pedestrian Landmark in Calgary, Canada 

Peace Bridge is Pedestrian Landmark in Calgary, Canada! Spanning the Bow River, the Peace Bridge connects commuters on foot or bicycling to downtown Calgary. But that’s not what makes it unusual. Arched steel and tubular girders make this unique footbridge an architectural marvel. The atypical red and white design represents the colors of the Canadian flag as well as the flag of Calgary. The protective glass roof and nighttime illumination offer safety from the elements. In an effort to minimize the ecological footprint, the height is restricted and piers are nonexistent. At first glance, one could easily mistaken the bridge for a commuter train or a giant novelty toy known as the Chinese finger trap. I prefer to describe its sleek design as a glimpse into the future. Without a doubt, it is a “must see” when visiting Calgary, Canada. 

Canadian Central Memorial Park is Calgary’s Oldest Park

Canadian Central Memorial Park is Calgary’s Oldest Park! Geometric pathways cross-cross skillfully manicured gardens surrounding the equestrian statue as the main focal point showcased in downtown Calgary, Canada. “The Horseman of the Plains” is a tribute to all Albertan soldiers who fought in the Second Boer War from 1899-1902. Inscriptions on two granite benches showcase the statue at each end immortalizing their bravery. Artistic fountains illuminate the water with colorful hues, adding to the ambience. Central Memorial Park engulfs one entire block in the heart of the city. Beltline residents as well as visitors, tourists, and downtowners appreciate the numerous benches and café tables available when longing for a brief interlude from daily responsibilities. Pack a lunch, toss a coin into the fountain, make a wish, and breathe easy for awhile. 

Dining Outside the Home: The Fireweed Grill in Kananaskis Village, Canada 

Dining Outside the Home: The Fireweed Grill in Kananaskis Village, Canada! With an stunning view of Canada’s Rocky Mountains, it’s not too difficult to appreciate a traditional breakfast of Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict. Outside the temperature may be around freezing, but the warm sunlight casting shadows over the natural beauty intensifies every adventure, especially dining. An impressive menu features personalized service at the International Breakfast Buffet or from the a-la-carte menu instead. Not an early riser? No worries. The Fireweed Grill offers unforgettable dinner options as well. Think about adding a wilderness back-country retreat to your already lengthy delicious Bucket List. 

Soar to the Summit of Sulphur Mountain in Banff, Canada 

Soar to the Summit of Sulphur Mountain in Banff, Canada! Are you afraid of heights? Well, I am, which is why I continue to challenge those fears by meeting them head on. Perhaps, I have a spirit that soars… long as I keep my mind on the destination. Climbing into an enclosed gondola surrounded by glass and being suspended over the Bow Valley with a 360° view can be mind boggling. Did I mention the gondola has a glass bottom as well? There’s no escaping the multitude of emotion at the sight of jaw-dropping unbridled beauty. From the Banff Gondola observation deck at 7,486 feet above sea level, this is what it feels like to be on top of the world. In the distance, the picturesque town of Banff, with its château-style hotels and quaint shops, carries on as though this is how everyone else on the planet already lives. 

Dining Outside the Home: Wild Bill’s Legendary Saloon in Banff, Canada 

Dining Outside the Home: Wild Bill’s Legendary Saloon in Banff, Canada! Climb the stairs to the second level for a wide-open Wild West experience complete with smokehouse menu, grizzly bear wi-fi, and mechanical bull. The windows are flung open wide to the alpine view beyond. If you’re lucky, you may snag a couple bar stools on the private balcony perched for people-watching on Main Street below. The chuck wagon sandwiches include fresh elk burgers and lean bison burgers. When you want to gather with friends, dance the night away, sing like you’re a country music star, Wild Bill’s Legendary Saloon offers night life that never sleeps. 

Blue Waters Outline Wolf Head

Blue Waters Outline Wolf Head! A bird’s eye view from Bow Summit affords the most incredible vantage point of a shockingly turquoise lake in the form of a wolf’s head. This is Peyto Lake in Alberta, Canada. From the parking area, a short walk along a paved trail builds suspense for what lies ahead. The platformed lookout, suspended over the edge of the mountain, sits high above the dense valley below. Everyone can appreciate the snow-capped glacier peaks and incredible color of the icy blue water. Imagine the awe of historical trapper Bill Peyto when he made this discovery in the late 1800s.