Blue Waters Outline Wolf Head

Blue Waters Outline Wolf Head! A bird’s eye view from Bow Summit affords the most incredible vantage point of a shockingly turquoise lake in the form of a wolf’s head. This is Peyto Lake in Alberta, Canada. From the parking area, a short walk along a paved trail builds suspense for what lies ahead. The platformed lookout, suspended over the edge of the mountain, sits high above the dense valley below. Everyone can appreciate the snow-capped glacier peaks and incredible color of the icy blue water. Imagine the awe of historical trapper Bill Peyto when he made this discovery in the late 1800s. 

18 thoughts on “Blue Waters Outline Wolf Head

      • I know right, the beauty is ethereal! So good that I was inspired to write a poem about it some time back:

        Within the House of Lake Walensee

        Mist glides above the pristine waters,
        Divine clouds rest gently upon the peaks,
        Of fair and turquoise Walensee.

        Night falls and moon-glow illumes,
        The everblooming and serene hills,
        Of clear and lofty Walenstadt.

        Hidden within the lush green flora,
        Leaning against the majestic forest,
        Is the little house by Lake Walen.

        An elegant cottage with cosy lamp light,
        Flowing outwards into the air of night,
        That wreathe the pearl of St.Gallen.

        Within, a gramophone brings forth,
        The mellow sound of a slow lyric waltz,
        And the graceful couple of Walen house,

        A flaxen lady and her gentle, stoic man,
        Delight as they gait softly in warm embrace,
        To the still and beauty of fair Walensee!

        All rights released into Public Domain

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      • Thanks! Given how scenic Switzerland is , you would certainly be able to add to your portfolio of unforgettable photos while there!

        Also, as you are in Canada, I suggest you could check out the Fogal island Inn on Fogal island. The beauty is great and the hotel is a new build with stunning architecture.

        Lastly, I would suggest you look up the region of Patagonia (South America), the views are also stunning! They have a lot of cool resorts there such as the Tierra Patagonia and Singular Hotel Patagonia.

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