Hudson Yards Grill in New York, New York

Dining Outside the Home: Hudson Yards Grill in New York, New York! Outside the window stands one of Manhattan’s newest public landmarks called The Vessel. It’s got people talking, which brings visitors to Hudson Yards for shopping and dining. After climbing the giant sculpture of interlocking staircases for a spectacular panoramic view of the Hudson River, Central Railroad, and Hudson Yards neighborhood, you’re bound to be hungry. Look no further than Hudson Yards Grill. Its Pre Fixe meals, Sushi, Salads, and Desserts win raves. And that’s just for lunchtime. Ingredients are fresh, expertly prepared, and served like an artistic masterpiece. Count on coming back for dinner. You deserve it.

Trump Grill in New York, New York

Dining Outside the Home: Trump Grill in New York, New York! Truth be told, enjoying a meal at a destination restaurant on prestigious Fifth Avenue is all about the experience. The Trump Grill exists to be a lunchtime hotspot for busy shoppers, casual tourists, and thrill-seeking foodies. Located on the Garden Level of the world-class Trump Tower affords visitors a harmonious view of a 60-foot waterfall surrounded by flowers in bloom and unique retail shops. If you’re all in, begin with a signature cocktail like the “You’re Fired” oversized Bloody Mary. It pairs well with the Chopped Cobb entrée salad. The presentation is photo-worthy. The menu is filled with American classics from appetizers to desserts. In the end, relax, chat, linger, and enjoy food for the pleasure of it.

Hunter Gatherer Expands Horizons

Hunter Gatherer, in Kilauea, takes us on a road where gratification, art, beauty, and comfort appeal to the human spirit. Step over the threshold to connect with the senses. Take in the vibrant colors at every turn. Notice the reddish-orange copper. Imagine it in your own kitchen. Inhale the incense of floral, spice, and herbs. Was that a feeling of diversion or simply an amusing flash-back? Run your finger along the folds of linen, the frailty of abalone, the softness of cotton. Wander about. Take your time. This pursuit of happiness is a leisurely quest for hidden treasure in plain sight. Whether you are an impulse buyer or a pensive shopper, Hunter Gatherer, on the North Shore, will accompany you on this journey of thoughtful assurance. There are a multitude of items to beguile the collector in all of us.

Warehouse 3540 is Hidden Jewel

Down a winding stretch around Kalaheo, you’ll stumble upon a few cars parked along the side of the road against a wall of giant tangled grasses. Park there and look both ways before crossing. The metal sheet work walls of an old warehouse enclose what is known to locals as Warehouse 3540. Step inside to a world of locally handmade crafts, creative art, products made on the island, jewelry designed for casual fashion statements, and uncommon home accents. And if you’re lucky, you’ll catch a day when the Farmers Market overflows with island fruit, leafy vegetables, and exotic choices gleaned from the land. Cultural food trucks park outside, with inspiring dishes to tempt the palate. No worries. Picnic areas are conveniently placed inviting rest, conversation, and taste sensations unique to each chef’s specialty. The second Saturday night of each month, check out the live music as an added attraction. This is one creative community marketplace you won’t want to miss.

All Aboard: Grand Central Station, NYC

No matter the day or hour, people can be seen flocking in droves to New York City’s Grand Central Terminal. It’s hard to imagine the doors formally opened to the public in 1913. As the first “stairless” station, gradual sloping ramps accommodate even the tiniest toddler at its mother’s hem to the elder traveler with a cane. The main concourse is flanked by gigantic glass window panes and classical architecture. Stop for a moment and look up at the gilded arched ceiling. Notice the astronomical phenomenon made up of 2500 stars. And that’s not all. With 60 retail shops and 35 eateries, this impressive landmark is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that is considered the world’s most visited tourist attraction. 

Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane? No, it’s the Oculus!

What is the Oculus in New York City? Walking along the sidewalk of Lower Manhattan, as you turn a corner, your eyes rest upon a gigantic image of a bird in flight. Or is it? Perhaps it appears to be the skeleton of some sort of space craft instead. From the outside it seems dwarfed next to the cluster of skyscrapers near One World Trade Center. It is only when you enter its doors, at the street level, you come to the realization it leads to the new mass transit system replacing what was destroyed during the 9/11 terrorist attacks. This centerpiece is the World Trade Center Transportation Hub. Eleven different lines connect New Jersey’s PATH trains and New York City’s subways. Combined with an upscale retail mall of shops and eateries, the Oculus reflects the ambience of its nemesis, the World Trade Center. Before you leave, step onto the mezzanine level for a phenomenal snapshot to record your visit. Selfies permitted. 

I’ve Got Swag!

I’ve got Swag! This is the reason I don’t gamble….or do I? Betting on a sure thing awarded me the classy sophistication of “The Swagger by Coach!” This is how to make a statement in Vegas! Love the color blocking in addition to Shady, the emoji bag charm; both personalized for a twist of attitude. 

Williamsburg Pottery in Williamsburg, Virginia Goes On and On

Williamsburg Pottery is an endless shopping mecca for bargain hunters. No kidding. If you love a treasure hunt, check out this top tourist destination for everything under the sun…and more. The world-famous salt glaze pottery is their claim-to-fame. But don’t stop there. Hundreds of outdoor accents from colorful banners to cement garden embellishments add character and distinction to any area. Then comb over the interior decor including framed art, Oriental rugs, candles, glassware, bedding, and silk floral arrangements. Don’t miss the gourmet kitchen marketplace on your way out for specialty foods, international wines, and local favorites. Indulge yourself. 

Lakefront Town is a Paragon of Serendipity 

Discover hidden treasures while meandering among the unique shops, galleries, and food joints in Mt. Dora, Florida. You never know what you’ll find. It may be a vibrant needlepoint pillowed Picasso in the Modernism Museum Shoppe, the most gigantic hand-blown witches ball you’ve ever seen at Home & Garden Treasures, or “talking flatware” by Uncommon Love at the local Farmers Market. Mt. Dora is a paragon of serendipity you’ll want to add to your list of places to visit. Imagine my delight at meeting Erin, an expert handicrafter of “talking flatware”! She is skilled in the art of creating messages on silver-plated utensils with exceptional results. You may have noticed I tend to use such accents while showcasing the recipes on my blog, Snapshotsincursive. The food section is entitled, “Eating My Way Through the Alphabet”. I am pleased to announce, from time to time, future dishes will be complimented by some of Erin’s designs that I purchased that day. You are invited to accompany me on this mouthwatering journey of the palate.